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Due to the corona pandemic, people all around the world are suffering. People are unable to meet their loved ones. The whole community which used to wander here and there all day is now individually bounded in homes and need to be connected. People are unable to enjoy their family gatherings, events, and festivals. So, for covering these miles that Corona pandemic has created, Facebook has now launched a new feature called Messenger Room. This Facebook room is very simple to use with a lot of fun features which not only make it attractive but also compel people to use these rooms repeatedly for a long time. It is also being said that it’s a competitor of Zoom and will surely give Zoom a tough time. Facebook has designed the Messenger Room in a very user-friendly platform. We can also conclude that it may become the top-rated room of 2020.

(Source: Time Magazine)

Here we will discuss how to create and delete a Facebook Messenger Room on Desktop and Mobile ( Android & iPhone) by following simple and easy steps.

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What is a Facebook Messenger Room?

Facebook launched the messenger room feature officially on Thursday 24th April 2020. “Across our products, we’ve been really focused on video calling, but today we’re gonna discuss a new product we’ve been building called ‘Messenger Room’,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a Livestream on Facebook. “The basic idea for Messenger Room is that you should be able to create a room for any activity or any event you wanna hold,” said the CEO of Facebook.

At the moment, Messenger Room is available in some countries and will be available in the rest of the world in the coming weeks, said Facebook in an official blog post.

Features of Messenger Room:

According to the announcement the 35-year-old billionaire made, the messenger room will hold a lot of features in it. The main features that are included in Facebook Messenger Room are,

(Some of the features listed below may not be available at the moment, but they will be available within next few weeks)

  • Anyone with the link of the Messenger Room can join the Room even if they don’t have a Facebook account.
  • You are only required to have the link to the Room.
  • The link of the Room can be shared anywhere even in the messages
  • The users of WhatsApp and Instagram will also be able to join the Room
  • A maximum of 50 people can join the room.
  • There’s no time limit for the video calling in Room.
  • The Room can be made private and public also.
  • The virtual backgrounds and augmented reality features are also present in the Facebook Messenger Room.

How to create a Facebook Messenger Room:

When you create a room, you are given the choice to choose two options:

  • If you choose the first one, then anyone with a link to your Facebook Messenger video calling Room can join your Room even if they don’t have a Messenger app or Facebook account.
  • If you choose the second option, then you can invite your Facebook friends to your Facebook Messenger Room.

Here, we will discuss how to create a Messenger Room on desktop and on mobile.

1) How to create a Facebook Messenger Room on Desktop:

By following these 10 simple and easy steps you’ll be able to create a Facebook messenger video calling room of your own.

Step 1:

Go to or open the Facebook desktop application from your computer.

(Extra tip: You should prefer creating a room on Facebook app because the app provides a lot of features like AR effects, mood lighting, etc.)

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Create Room’ option just below your Newsfeed.

Step 3:

To select which people can see and join your Room click on ‘edit’

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Desktop-1
Select ‘edit’ icon present below the link
(Source: Facebook)

Step 4:

Click ‘Next’ to the settings you want to use

Step 5:

Click ‘Save’ to save the settings.

Step 6:

Now, to invite your friends to the Messenger Room you created, tap the ‘Copy’ option to copy the link of your room.

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Desktop-2
Copy the link of your room
(Source: Facebook)

Send the link to those friends whom you want to join. Your friends can join by clicking on the link and opening it in their browser.

Alternatively, If you choose the second option then send an invitation to the friends whom you want to enter in the video calling Room.

Step 7:

When you invite people in your video calling room, they are sent a notification on their Facebook account.

Step 8:

You will also be notified whenever your friends join the Room.

Step 9:

Here, you can use the AR effects and can play with 360 background illustrations and mood lighting.

Step 10:

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Desktop-3
Click on the ‘People icon to see the people whom you want to remove from your room (Source: Facebook)

You can also select to lock or unlock your room. To do this, click ‘See call participants’ and then tap next to ‘Lock room’ to lock or unlock your room.

Done! You have successfully created a Facebook  Messenger Room on your desktop using the Facebook website and Facebook application.

How to End or Delete a Room on Desktop:

To do so, follow these easy and simple steps

  1. Click ‘See call participants’ from your room.
  2. Click ‘Settings’,
  3. Now, click ‘End Room’,
  4. Lastly, again tap on ‘End Room’ to delete or end your messenger room.

2) How to Create a Facebook Messenger Room on Mobile [Android & iPhone]:

As all of us carry a mobile to do everything with ease, so it is also much easier to make a Facebook Messenger Room on mobile, but how to do it? Here’s how:

Step 1:

First, go to the Play Store or Apple Store to check for any updates of Messenger.

Step 2:

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Mobile-1
Tap on people to see the option of Create Room (Source: Facebook)

When updated open the Messenger app and click on ‘People’ present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

Here you’ll be able to see the option of ‘Create Room’ just above the friends with active status. Click on it to start creating the Messenger Room.

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Mobile-2
Tap ‘Create Room’ to create your Messenger Room (Source: Facebook)

(Extra tip: For iPhone: First, tap on ‘People’ then click ‘Create Room’ then on ‘Try it’ and at last tap ‘Share it’)

Step 4:

Now, you can select the settings that whether the people with the link can join or the people with a Facebook account can join. Just click on ‘Who can Join this link’ and select your option.

How to create a Facebook video calling Messenger Room on Mobile-3
Select who can join the Room 1. People with the link or 2. People to whom you send an invitation. (Source: Facebook)

Step 5:

Once selected click on ‘Share’ to share the link or click on invite friends to invite the friends to your Room. Your Facebook friends whom you have invited will be notified immediately with a notification of your invitation.

Share the link of the room to your friends to invite them to your room. (Source: Facebook)

(Tip: You can share the link of your Room anywhere i.e. on WhatsApp, Instagram, and even on Messages.)

Step 6:

Notification about a friend joining the room (Source: Tweak Library)

Now, your friends will be able to enter the video calling room by clicking the link you sent or by tapping the invitation notification from their Facebook account. You will be notified when your friend joins the video-calling room.

Step 7:

Once you are in your room you can play with the 360 background illustrations, mood lightning, and AR effects.

Step 8:

You can also lock or unlock your room. To do so, click on the ‘lock icon’ to lock or unlock your room.

(Tip: You can also select to remove specific people from your room. Tap on the ‘See call participants’  then ‘Tap remove participant’ icon present next to the participant and again tap remove. In this way, any unwanted participant will be removed.)

That’s it! You have created Facebook Messenger Room easily just by following these easy steps.

How to End or Delete a Room on Mobile [Android & iPhone]:

To end or delete your video calling room, follow these simple and easy steps

  1. From your room, Tap the ‘cross’ icon.
  2. Tap ‘end room’
  3. Again click on ‘end room’ to confirm.

In this way, your room will end.


It is being said that Facebook is now giving a hand-to-hand competition to Zoom and may surpass Zoom in the upcoming weeks. Mark Zuckerberg has surely shown us his devotion to improving Facebook and to bring ease to us even in this pandemic. Last but not least, we can conclude that Facebook video calling Messenger Room is certainly better than Zoom and other video calling apps.

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