How You Can Improve Call Productivity For Your Business

As a business owner who uses call marketing for sales generation, it’s important to understand what you can do to increase call productivity for your business. Call marketing is one of the major types of marketing campaigns used to generate leads and build strong ties with customers. But you need to know how to go about it the right way to get positive results.

How You Can Improve Call Productivity For Your Business

Here’s what you can do to make the most out of your business to customer and business to business calls.

1. Use A Top-Class Call System Software

Businesses that use a good call system will find that they save money because it costs less to receive calls and make calls. They’ll also be able to reduce the amount of time that is taken from their schedule to handle calls. This saves time, and in turn, helps to cut costs on the business as a whole.

Call System Software can dramatically improve your business’s call productivity. If you want to increase your company’s call efficiency and productivity, then you should consider purchasing a call system software package from top-notch tele-companies like Call CowBoy.

Installing a call software system will help your company reduce the number of missed calls, eliminate the “hang up” callers and improve the caller’s experience with your company.

When choosing a call system for your business, it’s important to know what type of software package works best and how easy it is to use. There are different types of call software packages available, including desktop software, web-based software, and wireless software.

Here are some of the reasons to use a top-notch call system software:

  • Quality call management software will allow you to create templates for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as provide the ability to add or delete the phone number for each call. They may also allow you to create and store information about your potential, new, and existing customers. This way, you’ll be able to track who’s calling and to whom. You can create call reports and charts and provide reports to track your call campaign.
  • A good call system will allow you to customize your calls. It’ll let you set custom voicemail messages, accept incoming messages, display call waiting time, target vanity phone numbers, view call forwarding information, and more.
  • A top-notch call management software can allow you to manage your leads and customer database. These types of systems will allow you to track your calls, so you’ll know which ones are paying you the highest rate of commission. You can then choose to either keep these leads or refer new ones to your sales force that’ll be more profitable.
  • Besides, some call management software will allow you to take incoming calls in your POTS connection. This will allow you to take the call even if you’re currently not at your office. This feature is very handy, especially if you’re running late or stuck in traffic because the software will let you take your incoming call at your convenience.

To make your call campaign efficient and boost your overall productivity, you should research and analyze all of the available types of business call software before opting for one. Look at all of the software or service features and be sure that it suits your business before settling for it.

2. Hire Efficient Telemarketers

Just like you’d want to hire efficient staff members and employees to handle your business, you should hire highly-qualified telemarketers with top-notch communication skills to handle your call marketing. Without this in place, you might not achieve your goals for your call marketing campaigns for your business.

Hire Efficient Telemarketers - How You Can Improve Call Productivity For Your Business

Great telemarketers are the way to go if you want to increase your call productivity. In fact, they can be your key to increased profits and a happier client base.

Besides, telemarketers aren’t like regular salespeople who can get away with being in one spot, trying to sell their product or service. They’re constantly on the move, making dozens of calls to each customer every single day. If your company uses telemarketers to boost productivity, then it’s only right that you go all the way out to get the best individuals to handle your business-to-customer and customer-to-business calls.

3. Hire The Right Call Agent/Representative

Call center representatives are professionals who understand how to work with callers to give them the information and answers they want. They also know how to make sure that your callers feel comfortable and help you pass across the right messages when speaking with them. Because callers are usually busy people who don’t always have time to be pleasant, this is one area in which you can really improve your call performance.

Callers might not want to speak to you if you’re not as friendly as they want. When you have great call representatives on hand to help you out, your customers will feel much more at ease calling you and will end up staying with your business much longer than they might otherwise.

Not only should your call agents be great at marketing or good at communications, but they should also understand how to use devices, applications, and software for telemarketing. They should also be adept at handling telemarketing campaigns to ensure maximum call productivity.

For instance, they should know how to multitask effectively while receiving calls. They should be able to route or transfer calls, build and customer phone number databases, etc. They should also be able to provide in-depth information about products and services to clients and customers during calls.

With great call representatives and telemarketers in place, your clients and customers would always have a wonderful experience with your company; and of course, this will enhance productivity.

Moreover, when you hire awesome call representatives to help you boost your call productivity, you’ll have an easier time getting the attention and feedback that your customers need to keep them coming back to your business. With well-groomed call agents, you’re setting your business up for a new and improved relationship with your customers.

4. Measure your Current Call Outreach’s Performance

You need to measure your current performance in order to boost your business’s call productivity. Measurement and analysis are some of the key components to achieving a successful and super productive call outreach for business.

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your call statistics and reports to analyze your call outreach performance. Tracking your call statistics will indicate where you’re performing well, where you are underperforming and possible ways in which you can improve your call productivity. Statistics and reports may include anything from customer response rates to call duration and call volume.

Many business owners often focus too much on the business’s overall revenue and productivity, forgetting that without knowing what they’re doing right or wrong, business growth might be far away.

By measuring your prevailing call campaign’s current impact and performance, you won’t just easily see how you’re performing, but you’ll also know what draws in the most profit for you to focus on. Although top-notch business call systems can provide statistical reports concerning your call-in campaign, you might need more in-depth data than those systems can provide.

How to Measure your Call Outreach’s Performance

To effectively measure your call outreach performance, it’s important to have the right measurement tool at hand. The tool can either be an in-house computer system or software that would allow you to create reports and do analysis.

Measure your Call Outreach's Performance - How You Can Improve Call Productivity For Your Business

After setting up the measurement tool and creating the statement, you’ll need to analyze your current performance based on this data. This analysis is one of the most important steps to boost your business’s call productivity because it gives you a clear picture of where you should be improving.

You also need to review your current performance with an objective eye. You should check whether you’re making progress or not. If there are any areas where you need more assistance, you can ask for help from telemarketing professionals. When you see progress, you can start planning and implementing a plan that will further enhance your business’s call productivity.

Once you’ve analyzed and evaluated your current performance, the next step to boost your call productivity is to develop a systematic and regular system of tracking your call outreach activities. The final step to take is to monitor and analyze your results regularly. Doing so will allow you to measure the efficiency of your call outreach system properly.


In business, productivity is crucial, so you should constantly seek avenues to improve it. For your call outreach to achieve tenable results and success, it’s essential you find ways of implementing a top-class call software that matches your company’s needs. You should compare diverse features from different business call system providers before settling for one.

Aside from choosing the right call system, you also need to hire competent and efficient call representatives and agents to handle the call campaigns. Without hiring well-versed individuals to handle calls, you can’t achieve the call productivity you so desire for your business. Finally, you should also carry out a periodic measurement of your call outreach’s impact and performance to know how you’re doing and what can be done better.

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