Event Feedback App: How to Setup Your Pre, Mid & Post-Event Survey

Events make brands alive. Whether aimed at inspiring a workforce or strengthening customer loyalty, triggering action from sales prospects or educating an audience; all the events cater to one emotion – ‘human emotion’. 

It is also important that the attendees/delegates must find these events engaging. Obtaining feedback on the event from attendees/delegates is important to understand whether the objectives of the event have been achieved. Incorporating an Customer Feedback App can be helpful in collecting feedback from attendees/delegates. 

The Rationale Behind the Event Feedback Software

With plentiful options for Event Feedback Software available, it has become very easy to collect feedback from attendees/delegates before, during, and after the event. This is because many a time, it is impossible for the event planners to predict what the attendees might like about an event.

Factors including topics of discussion, logistical aspects, and food options among others can be preferred differently by attendees/delegates. It is best to obtain this information in advance, before the event, from attendees/delegates for smoother functioning of the event. The best solution for achieving this information is through various survey software.

How to Set up the Survey

The feedback on an event can be obtained by conducting a survey before (pre), during (mid) and after (post) event by means of survey software. This will eventually facilitate making real-time decisions to further directly impact the attendees/delegates, sponsors and other event stakeholders. 

This can be done as follows:

Pre-Event Survey

It’s always best to reach out to attendees/delegates before the event to know information about pointers such as, where they heard about the event, their logistical preferences (for e.g., reaching the venue), what they are looking forward to achieving from this event, etc.

It may not be always possible to tweak according to every attendee’s feedback. But, with the help of survey software, it’s certainly possible to take care of most factors. In addition, it is easier to take an average from survey answers, factor in the possible consequences to further analyse and predict outcomes and design the event accordingly. 

Mid-Event Survey

One of the efficient ways to collect feedback is through a real-time survey. This can be done to collect on-site (during the event) information that may capture attendees/delegates’ real-time or ‘in-the-moment’ reactions. This can be helpful in measuring attendee engagement levels. 

Moreover, immediate responses to a statement during an event by means of different survey tools or systems, such as wearable technology/devices or touchpads, can be measured and analysed to make real-time decisions, which may decide or guide the direction of the event there onwards. 

Post-Event Survey

Feedback after completion of the event can help the event planners to gather opinions, scores and other feedback pointers to further optimize the event. The survey results and feedback received after the event can facilitate better decision-making for the next event. 

Once the event is completed, the best way to keep things in motion is by taking initiative in the newfound relationships. With the post-event surveys conducted through survey software, it’s easier to maintain connections with the attendees, discover their expectations from the business, and make the next event even more successful.

Benefits of Event Feedback App

Feedback App

Event Feedback Apps can offer an extensive set of the content-specific survey as well as feedback, thereby allowing event planners to receive relevant information from attendees. The survey feature in the app can help in creating questionnaires to get feedback on the event as well as on other sectors. 

This app can include all possible options to gather responses, ranging from single choice or multiple-choice questions, five-star ratings and score to free-text fields and sliding scale responses for open-ended questions. The evaluation of the results can be retrieved at any moment in time. 

How Event Feedback App Works

The event feedback system would typically store the content or session-specific feedback through the app dashboard. The results from the survey are often tabulated and raw data can be exported for fine-tuning in Microsoft Excel. 

While this data is available in real-time, the unwanted data can also be backed-up to further continuously improve the app interface and structure of the survey.


The more interactive the surveys, the more useful it is for event planners to glean information from attendees/delegates. Customer Experience Software can help improve the next event, receive specific feedback on sessions/speakers, obtain demographic data, create new leads and contacts, and provide users with an interactive feature in the feedback app. 

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