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We all want to know everything. But everything starts somewhere, right?

Let’s say you’re exploring customer development to build your product, or digging into interface design — here’s what you need to know, right in the Product Development collection.

If you’re about to turn ideas into code and won’t mind some hints on dev, you’ll find everything you need in the Engineering collection. And, because knowing and implementing all of that requires self-management and regular improvement — check out Culture&Lifestyle, too.

Each collection includes tutorials, articles and infographics.

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Why Agile SDLC Model Is The Best for Your Startup

Life’s hard for those who cannot adapt to new circumstances. Which is exactly why most of the startups go Agile – it’s like having a good plan, but still being flexible. So, what’s so special about the Agile SDLC? How do you make it work for your startup? Don’t break your head over it, let’s find out.

natasha64px By Project Management
The Software Development Life Cycle: Phases And Methodologies

People say that “man plans and God laughs”, but the truth is, developing software on a whim doesn’t really work. To make the process smoother, avoid unnecessary expenses, and reach your goal faster, you will need to do a bit of planning. Learn more about how a software development life cycle can help you pave your way.

ira64px By Project Management
Product Tribe Blog: Do You Have a Moment To Talk About Products?

Sharing is caring, we thought. Which is why we created Product Tribe, a place to share all our awesome experience in the realm of product development and growth and to listen to what you have to say about it.

yarik64px By Internal News
Chatbots & lead generation – 2020 guide

Be it small businesses, entrepreneurs or even big ones, the future of the companies are defined by the constant search for the ultimate lead generation strategy. It is seen that both consumers and businesses are satisfied using chatbots both as sales as well as service tools. Why is this becoming popular? Because chatbots are helping