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We all want to know everything. But everything starts somewhere, right?

Let’s say you’re exploring customer development to build your product, or digging into interface design — here’s what you need to know, right in the Product Development collection.

If you’re about to turn ideas into code and won’t mind some hints on dev, you’ll find everything you need in the Engineering collection. And, because knowing and implementing all of that requires self-management and regular improvement — check out Culture&Lifestyle, too.

Each collection includes tutorials, articles and infographics.

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Are Memes Effective in Promoting your BrandBrand Promotion
Are Memes Effective in Promoting your Brand?

Are you looking for a fun way to engage with your audience on social media? You must have considered memes a good alternative for posting content on different platforms for your marketing. Memes are born from social media. They are the most significant influence on social media currently. Memes account for one of the most

By Marketing & Partnerships
Best Project Management Tools

One of the main objectives of project management is to help a client in completing a project which complies with the client’s objectives. The work of project management is usually done with the help of some project management tools. Here the problem is to choose the right tool for the management of the specific project.

Create a Facebook Messenger RooCreate a Messenger Room
How to create a Facebook Messenger Room

Due to the corona pandemic, people all around the world are suffering. People are unable to meet their loved ones. The whole community which used to wander here and there all day is now individually bounded in homes and need to be connected. People are unable to enjoy their family gatherings, events, and festivals. So,

Why Your Company Should Start Using A Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) is an application that helps companies organize, secure, tag, and complete tasks from business files. It’s also an excellent solution to help manage and store digital documents. Incorporating this software solution into your operations can promote various benefits. Here are eight reasons why your company should start using a DMS

Chatbots & lead generation – 2020 guide

Be it small businesses, entrepreneurs or even big ones, the future of the companies are defined by the constant search for the ultimate lead generation strategy. It is seen that both consumers and businesses are satisfied using chatbots both as sales as well as service tools. Why is this becoming popular? Because chatbots are helping

Best Webinar platforms

The million dollar question is, does your company need a webinar software? Once you decide that you actually need one, the more important question is what is the solution you should choose? Webinar marketing is very essential and is an important strategy for B2B businesses. Keeping this into consideration a lot of consumer brands are

How to Tell Your Brand Story

Storytelling is one such potent form of art that has been into existence since antiquity. In essence, it is one out of a few good things that might never go out of vogue, but only emerge to be better and profound. For eons, stories have served to entertain, inspire, and captivate attention, forging strong relationships

Why Product Accessibility Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Having a good product or a service to sell is what we all want, isn’t it? However, it sometimes happens that even the best product cannot find its way to the customers and the main reason for such a case is product accessibility. Making sure that our product is accessible to every individual who might

By Marketing & Partnerships
A Product Manager’s Guide to Building Customer Loyalty

Having a loyal customer base is no easy matter. A lot of people don’t know how to even begin building customer loyalty and simply focus on launching new products or finding new customers. And, while properly launching products and finding new customers is important, there are some key reasons why having a loyal customer base

By Product Management
Get the Most in Life and Work with Gamification

We’ve mastered the art of criticizing ourselves, always demanding more, being unstoppable. But is it always efficient? Do we need to be in rush and do our damnedest without rewarding ourselves? Find out how to achieve more and value yourself with gamification.

yarik64px By Productivity
The Software Development Life Cycle: Phases And Methodologies

People say that “man plans and God laughs”, but the truth is, developing software on a whim doesn’t really work. To make the process smoother, avoid unnecessary expenses, and reach your goal faster, you will need to do a bit of planning. Learn more about how a software development life cycle can help you pave your way.

ira64px By Project Management
How To Research The Market And Identify Opportunities

There is nothing worse than relying on luck more than on facts. That’s why all successful companies spend great resources on market research before launching or upgrading any product. If you want to be in their ranks, learn your potential, define market opportunity and research your target audience. Own the information and own the world!

yarik64px By Marketing & Partnerships
Building Communication Strategy: the Ultimate Guide

A company lacking communication skills can end up like a lonely kid in a sandbox with no one to play with. Learn about how to define your communication and business objectives, and how an effective communication strategy can turn your company into a successful, even beloved brand.

By Marketing & Partnerships
User-Centered Design: Process And Benefits

Don’t put the cart before the horse when you design things. The sooner you show your prototype to the actual users and get the feedback, the easier it will be to look at the design from the user’s point of view. Let’s go behind the scenes of the design process and discover what user-centered design really means.

By UX Design
Why Agile SDLC Model Is The Best for Your Startup

Life’s hard for those who cannot adapt to new circumstances. Which is exactly why most of the startups go Agile – it’s like having a good plan, but still being flexible. So, what’s so special about the Agile SDLC? How do you make it work for your startup? Don’t break your head over it, let’s find out.

natasha64px By Project Management
UX Writing: Make Your Product Speak Effectively

When engaging with digital products, we often get confused. Not because we’re dumb, but because the products are puzzling. UX writing is a new discipline that helps create clear and useful texts so we don’t get baffled by web & app interfaces. Here’s a brief introduction to UX writing, its history, main principles, and best practices.

Web Design and UX Trends You Should Stick to in 2019

Design it like you mean it. Don’t forget that people want to like your website, but also they want to use it intuitively. This guide on web design trends and how technologies define UX was made to inspire you. So, feel free to follow your unconscious, when using glitch, morphing, broken geometry, color explosion or minimalism. But keep in mind how technologies are changing human behaviour and demands on user experience.

dima64px By UX Design
How to Validate Your Product Idea With Landing Page

A landing page is an effective way to validate your MVP. By displaying the most important information, it will tell users what your product is about. You can solve the problem about getting the feedback you need. Here’s a guide to how to build a killer landing page in an elegant and effective way.

yarik64px By Product Management