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Dmitriy Puchkov

People who are cool enough to master UX and UI can read minds. Basically, their job is to predict human behavior and create products that speak to users’ insights. Long story short, Dmytro is one of those truly gifted designers. Best not mess with him, because he already knows more about you than you might think.

Web Design and UX Trends You Should Stick to in 2019

Design it like you mean it. Don’t forget that people want to like your website, but also they want to use it intuitively. This guide on web design trends and how technologies define UX was made to inspire you. So, feel free to follow your unconscious, when using glitch, morphing, broken geometry, color explosion or minimalism. But keep in mind how technologies are changing human behaviour and demands on user experience.
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How to Conduct UX Research For Your Product

What do your users want? What do they need? Can they use your product? These are 3 main questions that user experience research answers by giving the chance to hit it off and create a successful product. If you wish to avail of UX methods to gather real user insights, read our guide on how to conduct the research to gain maximum results.
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