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Anastasiia Marushevska

The most interesting about this woman is that she is me. I decided not to lie – you can see some pieces of my mind and heart all over Product Tribe. That’s basically who I am. I’m words, ideas, fast decisions, a lot of airports-buses-ferries, and even more stories (most of which my mom will never hear). I believe that my passion for exploring the world and my willingness to accept different life experience make me a better writer, marketer and person.

UX Writing: Make Your Product Speak Effectively

When engaging with digital products, we often get confused. Not because we're dumb, but because the products are puzzling. UX writing is a new discipline that helps create clear and useful texts so we don't get baffled by web & app interfaces. Here’s a brief introduction to UX writing, its history, main principles, and best practices.
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